Video representative art work
Indutriata Installation
This was a large installation using a store front in Williamsport PA. A local photographer, Gordon Wetzel, and artists Chad Andrews and Traci Bower helped create an environment that pulled form the sights and sounds of an old industrial complex. The textures, smells and sounds of a dark and ominous factory filled the space and as the viewer walked into and through the installation they became part of the experience.

Cloud Bank Installation.
By controlling the air temperature above and below the smoke created by a halloween fog machine, I could move the cloud bank up or down in the studio space. Because of thermal physics the neutral temperature of the fog hovered in between the cool air below and the warmer air above.

Video representative art work
Random Access Memories
I have collected things in baggies for years. They remind me of places I have been or things I have experienced. this installation involved me hanging many of these bags in a random arrangement in a grid pattern on my studio wall. I doing a time lapse video of the install I noticed that I looked a lot like the arm of a hard drive in a computer as it searches for data. I thought that the actions of the installation as well as the visual memory that a specific baggie triggered was similar to how a computer operates. An experience needs a primmer or source code in order to retrieve the full file.

Video representative art work
Art is as simple as building a sand castle.
I wanted to see if the same social dynamics happened when artist drew a sand castle as happened when a group of beach goers build a physical sand castle. This project took 12 1/2 hour to accomplish. 6.25 hours of drawing and then 6.25 hours of erasing or painting over in this case. During the 6.25 hour drawing stage Graduate student artists were invited in to draw or spectate as long as they wished and in the mean time they talked a lot about the same things that people on the beach do when they build something like a sand castle. At the end of the drawing I systematically removed the drawing as if the tide were coming in and washing the previous creative work away.

Video representative art work
The eyes that see into me
It is amazing how much emotion you can gather from just looking into someone's eye and how difficult it is for someone to look at a video camera for two minutes. You can tell a lot about the person just by being observant and looking into the windows to their soul.