These drawings are hyper realistic and vastly enlarged images of a common cat skull photographed in nine different positions and then drawn super big so the viewer can see all of the delicate detail that is normally missed by the human eye.

Why are there 9 drawings?

This cat skull series was an experiment of sorts. First I wanted to call attention to the beautifully lost detail of a small cat skull and secondly I wanted to see if I could do a full series of images that were identical in background but featured a slightly different view of the skull. I started with #1 and #9 so that if I got bored I would have a pair of drawings. Then I did #5 so I could have a tryptic. I then did the rest of the odd numbers and had 5. But once I started with the even numbers I knew I would have to complete the series. The full set of 9 drawing took over a year to produce.

....and a cat has 9 lives.