I am exploring a drawing process I describe as a reverse drawing method: I drew subjects in reverse or as a negative, making darks light and lights, dark.  Inverted, shadows and light become radically changed. Resulting images emerge as abstractions as well as representational diptychs, presenting an original negative image alongside a reversal positive image of the original subject

Negative drawing process
Graphite on Mylar
12" x 18"

This is a preliminary image of a new direction for me. I call it "Dark Matters" and I draw a negative of an object instead of drawing it as I usually do.

• I do a drawing in reverse or as a negative. That is what you see on the left.
• Then when the work is printed I have it imaged in reverse creating a positive.

Where the forms originated

The Japanese sculptor/ceramicist Katsuyo Aoki has created a body of work she calls the "Predictive Dreams" series utilizing fluid forms crafted from white porcelain finished in a clear gloss glaze and taking on a distinctive skull shape. I had the good fortune to be able to photograph one of her works and have used the base images to formulate a new variation on her beautiful creations. This is not meant to replicate her works but instead present the ideas in impossible to visualize combinations. The negative drawing and it's positive reversal image. In this work you can see mirror and inverted images of the same object simultaneously. This is impossible to do with the original object.