My main and current body of work presents large, meticulously detailed photo realism, which are graphite-on-Mylar drawings. 

I create works to initiate a conversation with the viewer. That exchange can be as simple as slowing their gaze long enough to investigate the painstaking technique of the process. What they might interpret as a photograph is actually a drawing – a drawing designed to focus attention on nuances of detail so often overlooked. The crack in the leather or scar on the skin, are all replicated because those flaws reflect part of the narrative and history of the whole. (Saddle portraits and nudes, in particular.)

Other works can be layered with queries not realized until much later in the viewer’s mind, like when they are driving home and get the, “Oh, that’s what that was all about!” moment. Cerebral revelations bring meaning to the apparently mundane. (Art Speak Series, Books without Pictures series, and An homage to John Walker series for example.)

Some works are intentionally created to suck the air from the room. Works that do not play nice and demand your attention. Works that refuse to be ignored. (Magdalene, Onslaught, and The Burden of Honoring One's Father come to mind.)

My intense inspection and presentations are meant to afford the viewer an opportunity to stop and realize life’s imperfections as hidden stories…. I see them as beautiful and important to the whole.